Cosmocyte specializes in converting complex scientific information into compelling visual storytelling. We have had the honor of providing game-changing innovators in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device fields with best-in-class scientific filmmaking since 2005. Cosmocyte’s master animators have the experience and expertise to quickly and completely understand the science behind our clients’ technologies, whether it’s a revolutionary cancer treatment, a next-gen PCR technology using directed evolution, or a first-in-class biocompatible tissue adhesive.

Our value proposition is simple: we’re smart, we are master animators, and our pricing is all-inclusive, predictable, and accessible.

Contact us to get a quote – we’ll tell you all about our production process, how we calculate our pricing for each project, the metrics we use to predict and maintain scope, and what we need from you in order to get started. And if you’re just looking for information, reach out to us anyway! We love to forge new connections.

Case Studies

Sens Foundation

What if we treated aging as a disease that could be prevented? That is the philosophy behind the SENS… More

Familial Hypercholesterolemia series

Imagine having critically high cholesterol levels, regardless of medication and strictness of diet– Cholesterol so bad that it pools… More

NewLink Genetics

One of the most sinister aspects of cancer is its ability to hide from the immune system. With a… More

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