About Cosmocyte

To put it simply, at Cosmocyte we believe that scientific films should be produced by scientist filmmakers, and scientific stories should be told by scientist storytellers.  It is in this space, between captivated audience and the complex and critically important scientific story, that Cosmocyte thrives.

Each of our award-winning animators has a masters’ degree in medical illustration and over ten years’ experience producing surgical, medical, cellular and molecular short films.  This foundation allows us to guarantee the accuracy of our work, and our industry experience provides a seamless customer experience to our clients.

Since Cosmocyte’s foundation in 2005, our storytelling philosophy has been that every color, every word, and every object and every movement has the same goal: to capture the attention of our audience and make our clients’ message impossible to ignore.

Our content-development experience extends across scientific, surgical, medical, molecular and cellular, and even agricultural and engineering topics. Our technological capabilities include animation for deployment in any format, as well as interactive design and virtual reality. Ask us about our immersive, 360-degree stereo video technologies that are compatible with all VR rigs from Google Cardboard to the HTC Vive.