Case Studies


Marrone Bio Innovations

Did you know that plants have their own immune system?  Marrone Bio Innovations has developed Regalia, a compound that stimulates plants’ natural defenses in order to make them hardier and more resistant to bacterial and fungal infections. Marrone Bio Innovations took advantage of Cosmocyte’s in-depth experience in cellular and molecular biology to convey their unique approach… More

Biological Dynamics

What if, with just a drop of blood, one could detect not only the presence, but the entire genetic or epigenetic profile of any cancer?  Biological Dynamics has developed the Tr(ACE) assay– a laboratory on a chip that allows direct visualization of DNA from pathologies anywhere in the body with nothing more than a blood… More

Sens Foundation

What if we treated aging as a disease that could be prevented? That is the philosophy behind the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving scientific investigation into the underlying causes of the collection of symptoms that we call aging. The SENS Research Foundation asked Cosmocyte to produce a series of animations that… More

Familial Hypercholesterolemia series

Imagine having critically high cholesterol levels, regardless of medication and strictness of diet– Cholesterol so bad that it pools under the skin and clogs the arteries from a young age. For people with a rare genetic disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia, this suffering is a reality. Genzyme, in preparation to release the first-in-class antisense drug Kynamro… More

NewLink Genetics

One of the most sinister aspects of cancer is its ability to hide from the immune system. With a key molecular pathway for this invisibility identified, NewLink Genetics developed a set of treatments specifically targeting the effect. This film was commissioned to rapidly inform casual viewers of both the mechanism of disease and the mechanism… More