MOA Case Study: Salix

Salix offers a drug that treats the core causes of diarrhea at the molecular level. Their project included some extremely complex scenes that required a high level of familiarity with technical approaches to 3D modeling, lighting and texturing. Thanks to the experienced team at Cosmocyte, we were able to confidently approach the project and execute the entire animation seamlessly, meeting their deadline and providing them with a final product that accurately represented both the pathology and the mode of action for their treatment, and which also met Cosmocyte’s own exacting standards for production quality.

“Professional, on-time, broad expertise and skill are why I would not only use Cosmocyte for future projects but I would recommend them to anyone looking to communicate through this medium. Cosmocyte brings a lot to the table…”

James T. Cornicelli
Business Development
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.